We're trying not to over-do it with rules, but some are necessary. Please read these and share with your band before entering the competition:

1. The Band Challenge is intended for local bands, so acts must be from an area that's reasonably close to the Madison Theater (i.e. Cincinnati, Northern KY, suburbs, etc). Bands from too far away will not be accepted into the Band Challenge.

2. Bands must play at least one original song at each performance. Covers are allowed, but playing more than one per set will mean lost points with the judges.

3. Bands must play on their assigned dates. Reasonable advance requests for certain dates will be accommodated as much as possible. If you are unable to play the date ultimately given to you, you forfeit your spot in the Band Challenge.

4. Bands are responsible for providing all necessary equipment to perform, other than microphones/PA. This includes drums, amps, instruments, and instrument cables. Bands are responsible for the security of their own equipment before, during, and after their performance. The venue and the Band Challenge are in no way responsible for your equipment! Bands will be held liable for any damage to venue's equipment during their performance.

5. In the 1st Round, bands will be permitted 15 minutes to perform, with 15 minute changeovers. If a band takes longer than 15 minutes to set up, their performance time will be reduced to compensate. In the 2nd round and semi-finals, performance times will be 20 minutes instead of 15. In the Finals, set length will be 25 minutes. Exceeding the permitted time may result in disqualification. Only venue staff may run sound and lights.

6. A band meeting will be held at 5PM each night of the 1st Round. At least one representative from each band MUST BE PRESENT at 5PM or the band will be disqualified. No changes to the order are permitted. The order in the 1st Round will be drawn at random in advance of the show. In the 2nd Round, Semi-Finals and Finals, the order will be pre-determined based on points scored in the previous round, and will be announced ahead of time.

7. Which bands advance to the next round is determined by a 50/50 combination of audience vote and by our panel of judges. In the event of a tie, the band with the most 1st place audience votes will advance.

8. No guest lists are permitted at any night of the Band Challenge.

9. Respect the venue! Madison Theater is an awesome place that allows us to have all-ages shows. Please help us keep this going strong by using common sense. Be respectful of the building (i.e. don't put your band's stickers on the walls, etc), of the staff, and of the other bands. The Band Challenge reserves the right to disqualify any band that acts inappropriately.

10. Prize winners will be responsible for any applicable taxes on their winnings and will receive a 1099 from us.

11. Bands must be unsigned at the time of registering for the Band Challenge.

12. Bands will not be allowed to play any other shows at Madison Theater or Madison Live during the time they are participating in the Band Challenge without prior permission from the Band Challenge committee. Bands may play shows at other venues during the competition time frame, but not other Battle of the Bands-type contests without prior permission from the Battle of the Bands committee.

13. Bands agree that their names and photos can be used by Madison Theater and the Band Challenge for promotional purposes.

14. Submitting a registration form means that all members of the band have read and agree to these rules. The Band Challenge reserves the right to change rules if needed or to disqualify a band if they violate the rules. In the event of a disagreement, decisions made by the Band Challenge are final.

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